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09/22/2006 Weekly Development builds have been introduced. Please visit development page for more details.
09/19/2006 Beta version of Batch Framework 1.0 is available for download.
08/26/2006 Final version of IO Services 1.0 is available for download.
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Enterprise Batch Server helps enterprise applications to develop, schedule, manage and monitor the batch jobs using the Java Language. It provides the powerful batch framework to develop the batch jobs very quickly and efficiently. It provides Management and Monitoring applictions in the form of command line tools and web application to manage and monitior the running batch jobs. Finally, it provides the job scheduler to schedule the batch jobs on various conditions.

Batch Framework

Batch Framework is combination of the following set of services.

  • Core Framework
    • Provides extensible job controllers by using which batch jobs can be developed very quickly.
    • Flexible job configuration either in XML files or in any Database supports JDBC.
    • Job Management Agent for each batch job allows the job admins to manage and monitor each batch job running in its own JVM.
    • Repository implementation to transfer the data between the batch jobs and to save the job statistics.
  • Logging Services
    • Out of the box logging facility for all the batch jobs.
    • Logging can be controlled at the level of each batch job when required.
    • Dynamic logger level changes using Management and Monitoring applications.
  • IO Services
    • Provides an API to develop the readers and writers for various file formats or data sources.
    • Provides the reference implementation for the XML files, Fixed width flat files and Delimited flat files.

Management & Monitoring Applications

Management and Monitoring applications are provided as command line tools and as a web application. These tools provides the administrators to monitor the running batch jobs at the very granular level like what are the threads spawned in each batch job and what is the state of each thread and what the record they are processing. They provide the management facilities like suspend the running job for a while to debug the issue and resume the job later and stop (soft kill) the job.

Scheduler Implementation

Scheduler modules provides the default scheduler implementation by using which batch jobs can be configured to kick off based on different conditions.