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Source Code

Please checkout the source code of Batch Framework and IO Services using the instructions provided on sourceforge.

Use the batchserver as the module name in the CVS instructions to check out the source code. This module consists the source code for the Framework and IO Services. Use the ant script "build_framework.xml" to build the framework distributable and the script "build_io.xml" to build the IO Services distributable.

Development Builds

Development builds have been scheduled on weekly basis. These builds will consists of bug fixes and enhancements in the future releases. Builds will be submitted saturday on every week.

Download the development builds here.

To make sure the quality of every release, test suite has been developed for the framework and it is being run before every release.

Framework Test Suite Results


If you are interested in participating in development of this project, please send a message (If you are are member of sourceforge) or send an email.