Package org.jmonks.batch.framework.repository.db4o

Class Summary
ClientServerDb4oRepository ClientServerDb4oRepository access the Db4o Server and use it as a repository.
Db4oJobControllerHolder Db4oJobControllerHolder holds the job controller object and job name.
Db4oJobControllerHolderPredicate Db4oJobControllerHolderPredicate used to find the Db4oJobControllerHolder objects in Db4o database using native query.
Db4oJobDataTransferHolder Db4oJobDataTransferHolder holds the data being transferred between the jobs.
Db4oJobMgmtMntrInfoHolder Db4oJobMgmtMntrInfoHolder holds the job mgmt&mntr information and job name.
Db4oJobMgmtMntrInfoHolderPredicate Db4oJobMgmtMntrInfoHolderPredicate used to find the Db4oJobMgmtMntrInfoHolder objects in Db4o database using native query.
Db4oJobStatisticsPredicate Db4oJobStatisticsPredicate used to find the JobStatistics objects in Db4o database using native query.
Db4oRepository This implementation of repository uses the DB4O database as the repository.