Package org.jmonks.batch.framework.controller.pool

Interface Summary
JobPool JobPool pools all the job data being loaded by the loader and serves this data when job processors requests for the processing.
PoolJobLoader PoolJobLoader loads the job data into the pool to be processed by PoolJobProcessor(s).
PoolJobProcessor PoolJobProcessor gets the job data to be processed from the job pool and processes it.

Class Summary
AbstractPoolJobLoader AbstractPoolJobLoader implements all the management and monitoring methods and abstracts the user from the job pool.
AbstractPoolJobProcessor Abstract pool job processor implements some of the responsiblites defined by the pool job processor and leaves the application specific functionality implementation to the final processor.
CollectionJobPool Provides the implementation of job pool using java utility collections.
PoolJobController PoolJobController provides the job architecture based on the pool concept, where a loader is load all the information to be processed into the pool and processors(>=1) retrieves the information from pool and process them.