Interface Summary
JobManagerMBean This standard MBean interface provides the methods to instrument the job controller and processors running under the job controller.
JobMonitorMBean JobMonitorMBean interface defines the methods to instrument the job being run to find out the statistics of the job and to find out all the processor states running in the controller.

Class Summary
JobConnectorHelper JobConnectorHelper defines the helper methods will be used in creating the JMX connector server, registering and unregistering the JMX connector server in lookup location.
JobManagementAgent JobManagementAgent defines the methods to start and stop the JMX Agent for this job.
JobManager JobManager instruments the job controller for management purposes.
JobMonitor Implementation of job monitor mbean to instrument the job controller.
JobNotification Notification to send the specified job information and define the various notification types.
ProcessorState This represents the state of the processor(thread) running under the controller.
ProcessorStatus ProcessorStatus defines the statuses that processors can be in the system.